PGP Setup Guide for Windows Users

This is something I am working on in my spare time. One of the things that makes me feel like I am actually doing something to make a difference is bringing people to the "dark side." By dark side I mean encryption. Over the years there have been certain things that seem to perpetually create an intimidating barrier for regular, non-tech users when it comes to encryption practices. I've walked countless individuals through this process and while I do not mind doing it one-on-one, I want to provide a means for people to access the information when I am tied up with other things or if they just need a reference point. This section, will be dedicated to making that happen.

PGP Setup Guide for Windows Users


VPN on Android Setup

This guide will be using the CryptoStorm VPN service. I use it and that is what I have to work with at the moment. The basic procedure will be the same for any VPN service that uses the OpenVPN protocol. The major differences will be where you obtain your files from and that CryptoStorm requires a specific version of the OpenVPN android app. Links will be provided for everything involving CryptoStorm however, you will need to locate your files specific to the provider and verify which version of the OpenVPN Android client they support. There are far too many providers for me to collect all of these for everyone. It is, after all, your security and you must take the initiative.

VPN on Android

"I will be adding additional Sections / Topics as the mood strikes me, so keep an eye out. I hope you enjoy and find this to be a useful resource."

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